If you follow me on instagram then you'll probably have noticed there's been an awful lot of salad pictures from me this week, i'm trying to loose weigh and get fit and healthy so I have made some drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle.

FOOD:  I love food, burgers, chips and pizzas, pudding is one of my biggest downfalls and I tend to find myself snacking. I've cut it all out! I'm just eating salad and chicken really, i've had a few wraps (low fat) and omelettes just to change things up a little. I've been experimenting with my salad, adding grapes, beetroot, apple etc. Also we went for a meal out the other night because it was getting late and we were going to the cinema and I had a lovely salad from Coast to Coast, so again making changes to eating out. We normally eat out a few nights of the week but we went out only once last week and I think we're eating out tonight so that's it for this week. I've bought some yoghurts to have after dinner to stop me craving snacking. I've also cut down the number of sugars I have in my tea and hope to completely cut this out!

FITNESS: I've joined the gym, and i've been hitting it pretty hard. We've been 6 times over the last week (7 days) which I think is great, I really lack in motivation but I seem to be enjoying the gym and working out and my new lifestyle which for me is great. I've been doing a mixture of the cardio machines eg tredmill, rowing, bike and crosstrainer with some of the machines and weights. After the gym we've been going for a swim aswell. The other night we did the aqua aerobics which was really good and tired me and clint out! I've been looking into the other classes and want to take part in those aswell. I've also downloaded an app called 7 which is so intense, there's 12 steps to the workout and you do one after another so its really fast but hard. I've been walking aswell, just to the bus stop, which is a good 15 minutes away and the local supermarket which is a good 20-25 minute walk.

I've been using the My Fitness Pal app to keep track of my exercising and what i'm eating which is a great app. I've also downloaded Pacer which is a step counter, but I never really carry my phone around in my pocket so it's not that reliable. I found out my normal pedometer aswell so I'll be tracking my steps using that.

Is there anything thing else you guys would recommend or anything else I should be doing etc?

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