Its transfer window deadline day ! Some of you may be thinking what is that or why is Amy writing a blog post about football? Well truth is i'm actually a big football fan, i'm currently following all of the  teams closely as I have my own dream team and i'm doing very well. I'm top of the table in a league of lots of boys haha! Below is a pretty fun infographic that will help you understand football a little easier or at least it will give you a few ideas. There's also some pretty universal phrases  that you can steal so at least you sound like you know about football! have put together this infographic alongside a series of other Suprisingly Easy guides, heres the link to this one. They are really fun so check those out!

Do any of you have a passion for football ? Who do you support and do you have your own dream team, we should start a bloggers dream team league!
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Surprisingly Easy Guide to Pretending You Know Football

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