'living at home leaves me with more money for things like holidays' 
For those of you that don't already know,  I still live at home with mom and dad! The reason for this is I have just finished three years at uni and decided to stay living at home instead of moving away. I was in a long term relationship whilst I was making the decision about Uni and decided to stay close to home. 

Living at home does have its advantages - I hardly pay any rent so it means I spend more money on things like holidays, clothes and make up. I have my phone bill to pay for and my cinema card but thats all the bills I have. My parents get food in so I don't really pay for food, sometimes if I fancy something in particular we will nip to tesco. We tend to eat out most of the time. 

I don't find that living with my parents restricts or stops me from doing things. I go out for meals and to the cinema with Clint alot and we still go out with friends on nights out. My parents don't go to bed early so we don't really interrupt them if we come in late.

I do help out a little with washing and tidying up but I don't really do as much as I should, i'm quite lucky that my parents will wash my clothes and even wash my dishes up after me. 

Its nice to be alone sometimes and my parents will just leave me to it in my room if i'm up here blogging or with Clint which is nice but we also spend alot of time together we eat dinner together if i'm home and will normally watch tv or a film together. 

I would like to move our however right now we've been discussing going to America so staying at home a little longer will give us a chance to save up for that. I think after America we will start saving for our own place. We haven't discussed it much but it's the next step for me I need to move out and get a proper job. I am planning on going back to university next year so I think once my teacher training course is done I will feel more ready to leave home.

Even though I still live at home I would say i'm still my own boss!

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Joanna. said...

I like that this is honest and to the point. A lot of posts I've seen like this martyr themselves and it just turns into a winge. Good luck with the rest of your teacher training!