I have used La Roche-Posay products before, I tried Effaclar Duo when it was first released and honestly I wasn't impressed, I didn't really notice any difference to my skin however I tried Duo+ when the formula was improved and I noticed more visible results. My skin felt more hydrated and my pores were less visible. 

This is the New Effaclar Anti- Blemish System, it's a selection of products from the Effaclar range designed to work together to leave skin looking visibly clearer.

First you cleanse using the Effaclar purifying gel cleanser this targets excess sebum and leaves skin feeling clean. If you have ever used effaclar duo+ before the smell is very similar. It's a fresh scent that smells clean but not too clinical. You work the product into a lather and massage into the face and neck, it doesn't taste great so stay away from your mouth and eyes. Rinse with water, use morning and night.

Second, the Effaclar Clarifying toner. Use a cotton pad to swipe the product all over the face and neck. The toner helps to reduce pores. It's a very gentle toner and leaves the skin feeling soft. Again use morning and night for the best effect.

Finally, follow with Effaclar Duo+ all over the face, you only need a thin layer. Use this before you apply your make up in the morning and at night. Duo+ corrects and hydrates the skin. It leaves my face smelling fresh and feeling soft and ready to apply make up. I feel my pores are less visible.

I have noticed my skin is looking clearer since I started using the anti-blemish system. I really like the gel cleanser and the toner so I would probably buy the system kit again, for £32.50 I think its a good value for money.

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