I've recently swapped bedrooms, my sister has moved out and she had a bigger room and bed so I decided to swap. Since swapping rooms I haven't made any changes to the carpet, wallpaper or curtains however i've managed to completely change the look of the room. I have brought my white furniture with me which made the room look better straight away. I bought a little white unit from Ikea which is amazing, it has space for cute bits and pieces but it also has practical space for foldaway storage boxes. I tend to pop junk in these. On my brand new unit as you can see above i've gone a little crazy with cute, shabby chic items. I love my photo frames these are one of my favorite things, both have photos of Clint and myself in. I love my little white jug (and dead rose) I got the jug from tesco for £2! The glass bottle and cream jewellery holder were both from the 99p shop. I was gifted this gorgeous Lead Crystal Tealight* from Museum Selection which I love. I think it fits in really well and looks fab on my unit. I can actually fit my little Neom Candle inside which I loveeee! It looks fab when you light the candles aswell as the light reflects of the Crystal. I got the mint jewellery tray from a carboot for like 30p and Its perfect for popping my rings and watch when I take them off at night. I love my wire heart which I put some ikea fairy lights inside. I could probably use it for storing more practical items but I love how cute it is with lights inside. Finally, my poster*! I love my poster which I was sent from and I will be reviewing this soon. 

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