Bandelettes - Only avaliable at - £13.99* 
Avaliable in beige, black or white lace or beige or plain black.

Many of us have to suffer with painful irritation and chafing when wearing skirts and dresses, this isn't something i've suffered with until my most recent holiday. So when I found out about Bandelettes I have to say I was very excited, I've never heard of anyone suffering with chafing of the inner thighs before so I didn't think that something like this even existed. They are designed to be worn under skirts and dresses and prevent the inner thigh from rubbing together. 

Inside the Bandelettes theres silicone which keeps them in place and stops them from falling down. The Bandelettes are great for both men and women and come in a selection of sizes! Its very easy to measure yourself so you get the best fit. There's two different styles available the lace pair which come in black or white which are great for a special occasion or for everyday, these are pretty and I think the white are so dainty. They also come in a plain style in black and beige which are unisex and less pretty but more versatile and practical. These would be a little less obvious under clothing as they appear seamless. They would also be great with sporting clothes like shorts as they are very simple and plain.

Here in Birmingham it's been hot the last couple of days so I decided to give these ago! I have to say i'm impressed! They are very comfy and once you have them on you feel like your not wearing any. They have stopped my legs rubbing together now they just glide past one another. I love the lace style as I think they kind of look like stockings, they are pretty and sexy. The plain pair are great as I said for body-con skirts/ dresses because you would want a less obvious texture underneath. I think they are abit long as I did see them peep under a few of my skirts so I think it would be great if they came in different lengths. I'm quite short and I like to wear short skirts so a shorter length would be ideal, however for a taller person these ones would be great. I'm going away next week to Gran Canaria and i'm so excited to bring my Bandelettes along so I can wear skirts and dresses without worrying about my thighs chafing.

The Bandelettes are great for all occasions, some people suffer with chafing all the time not only when it's hot so these are fab to prevent irritation to the upper thigh. Maybe on a night out or your out shopping and you notice your legs are starting to chafe. Bandelettes are the perfect way to prevent this so stock up for your Christmas parties and never worry about it again and they come in the different colours and styles so you can find that perfect pair for any outfit.

At only £13.99 a pair these are a fab little investment, you should hand wash them in cold water with a mild detergent and air dry.


Tasha said...

I found that these just fell straight off my leg when I wore them, perhaps I had a faulty pair? But they do look so pretty don't they!

Mish said...

Hi Tasha,
Sorry to hear this. I would say that they are the wrong size for you as this definitely shouldn't happen with the Bandelettes. Please get in touch with us at Mish so we can help.