Lancome In Love

 Buy two items from Lancome and receive this amazing make up bag full of goodies! 

Lipgloss: £20
Lipsticks £21 

This is the newest range from Lancome and I know you guys will love it ! Its a range of lip glosses and lipsticks. It's very pink!! The quality of these products is amazing! 

I went along to the counter with Gemma and we were having a chat about the new range with the lovely Lydia and after Gemma got a bit swatch happy we took some photos of this amazing range! 
The pigments in these lipsticks are amazing and they apply with ease to product some amazing colours. The lipsticks are very moist and hydrating. 

The lip glosses are very nice and a more elegant twist to the juicy tubes. The packaging is fab! Theres a little button for you to press to open the lipgloss and then it clicks shut. This is designed to prevent any accidents in your make up bag or handbags. And we all know we love it when our products make a very satisfying 'click ' noise. 

The lipsticks also click ;) and they are in this gorgeous silver matte packaging which I love because its so luxurious and pretty. And then you open the lid to a gorgeous bright pink ! 

I'm loving these lippies and i'm sure you guys will aswell. Gemma bought one right there and then because they are really nice and when my spending ban is over i'm sure I will be treating myself to one of these gorgeous pinks ;) 

If you are from birmingham then be sure to go and visit the lovely Lydia at the Lancome counter in Selfridges Birmingham. She's a lovely lady and will tell you everything you need to know about Lancome.  

Also mention 'bon bon' to Lydia when you buy the lipstick and nab yourself some luxury samples! 

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LauraJHyatt said...

These colors are simply gorgeous! I've never used their makeup before, but Im a huge fan of their perfumes.