Teapigs Iced Tea

Teapigs Iced Tea - from £1.19*

I've been trying out the Teapigs Iced tea range. You can use any of the Teapigs temples and you can play around using different fruits and flavours until you find the tea thats for you!

I tried the Mao Feng Green tea and added some lemon. To make the Iced tea you need to cover the temple in boiling water and leave for 3 minutes and then fill the rest of the cup/glass with ice and cold water, easy ! You can then add some cordial or fruit for extra flavour. I like green tea anyway so just added abit of lemon, you could add some cucumber too !
The Mao Feng Green Tea is very natural and it tastes of peaches and apricots.

I also tried the Darjeeling earl grey tea and did the same process again to make it an iced tea and added lemon again. The Darjeeling earl grey is more citrus-y as the Darjeeling leaves are blended with the finest bergamot citrus.

I really loved experimenting with the different teas and love that I can enjoy tea when its hot outside but feel refreshed ! I will be experimenting with more flavours I really want to try the lemon and ginger with elderflower cordial mmm :)

How to make your delicious teapigs iced tea:
  • Pop your tea temples into a glass or jug – 1 per person
  • Cover with hot water
  • Leave to brew for 5 minutes
  • Top with cold water and ice
  • Sweeten if you fancy with elderflower cordial or honey
  • Garnish with fresh fruit for prettiness
Our favourite teas to have iced are:

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