The Best and Worst High Street Shops

We all have our favourite high street shops as well as those we try to avoid. A great shopping experience doesn’t just involve finding that perfect pair of jeans but also feeling valued as a customer and receiving assistance when we need it. We’ve all been in a situation where the store is messy and overcrowded and the shop assistants are nowhere to be seen - it doesn’t make for a good shopping experience and we probably won’t want to go back there. 
Luckily, the consumer group Which? has compiled a list of the best and worst high street shops of 2013. Ladies fashion store Bonmarché made it into the top five for the first time alongside Richer Sounds, the Disney Store, Lush and the Apple store. Bonmarché also took the number one spot in the ‘Clothing, Shoes and Accessories’ category. The report took into account the whole customer experience from the quality of the products to the assistance given by sales staff.

What have been your best and worst high street shopping experiences this year? 

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