REVIEW | Nuxe Paris Gelee Exfoliante Douce

Nuxe Paris Gelee Exfoliante Douce - £16*

This is a gentle exfoliating gel by Nuxe. You apply it to dry skin and then rinse with warm water. Using once or twice a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells away. I use a cream cleanser first or a Micellar solution to remove my make up and then dry my face and follow with this to remove the dirt that you just cleansed from your skin.

     'This Gentle Exfoliating Gel exfoliates, eliminates dead cells and refines the skin texture with its     combination of 100% botanical exfoliants (Extracts of Lychee Seed, Nutshell Powder). Complexion is clarified and purified (Rosemary Water). Skin is soothed and softened (Damascena Rose Petal Floral Water, Allantoin).'  - Nuxe

I really like this exfoliator, its really gentle and is even suitable for sensitive skin and for frequent use. The beads work into the skin making it feel really clean. I always think my skin feels cleaner after using something like an exfoliator for a deeper clean. 

I'm loving this product, it definitely makes my skin feel cleaner, brighter and smoother. 

Have you used any products from Nuxe?  Im loving this and would love you to recommend some products ..

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