Primark Holiday Buys !

 Bikini top £6 Bottoms £4
 Flip Flops - £1.50 
 Shorts - £4 

 Sandals - £12

Bikini - The Bikini is such a lovely pattern and quality and for £10 I think it looks alot more expensive than primark. I think with a bit of a tan it's going to look so nice! I love that primark do some bigger sizes in their bikinis now. This is the only new bikini i've bought this year and I love it and will be getting loads of wear out of it!

The flip flops - I wanted some plain flip flops for my holiday! I already have a floral cath kidston pair so wanted some that were more versatile. The plain white ones were £1 but these were £1.50 and I think the flower makes them look really nice and more expensive and will make an outfit look more summery and nice.

Shorts- The shorts are gorgeous at £4 I should have bought more but i'm trying not to buy too much. I mentioned some of these shorts in my wishlist the other day they are a lovely silky material and great quality. They would look nice day or night and I would even consider wearing them with tights and a jumper!

Sandals - These are the latest blogger must have! These sandals are an absolute bargain at £12 they are an amazing quality very nice material and they are really comfy! llymlrs has them already and has been wearing them on her holiday ! I know I will be wearing these ALOT on my holiday!

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Floral Danielle said...

I love those sandals! :)