Fill your garden with song

I thought i'd share a bit of my garden with you guys! I take most of my outfit photos outside because I prefer the natural light! I love my garden because my mom puts so much effort into it and it shows! We have some amazing flowers and the whole garden is tidy and clean.

We have recently had loads of birds in our garden, in particular a very chirpy baby bird who sings all day long and I thought i'd share with you guys some tips on how to fill your garden with song.

Buy some treats for the birds for example seeds and berries. These are quality foods that mimic their natural diet. You can find out more about the right brands here

As well as bringing some very relaxing sounds to your garden birds are also a very important part of the food chain. They get rid of those insect pests that eat all the beautiful flowers in your gardens. This means you don't need to use any pesticides in your garden.

I have a bird house in my garden too so the birds have somewhere to escape when it's a bit windy! but you don't need to spend money on bird houses. Birds love it if you have a big lawn because they are attracted by worms and also hedges are a great place for the birds to get shelter when its windy.

I hope you like my little list of tips to attract birds into your garden. My garden is such a lovely relaxing place and i'm always in the garden when its sunny and I get my sun lounger out and the birds sing their little tunes its very peaceful!

I would love to hear about your gardens or even see some pictures !

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