what i've bought recently

 sheer shirt £10 Primark 
 Purse £17 River Island 

 Florence and the machine top £3 Cross Necklace-£2 Collar Necklace £3 - All Primark
 Rose Gold boyfriend Watch £28 River Island 

Heres a few bits I've been meaning to buy or just picked up because my students loans in. I've been looking for a new purse and watch so when I saw this watch thats very similar to the Michael Korrs number that i've had my eye on I just had to get it - I could buy the michael korrs one but its £229 and this one was £28 and the only difference is the name so I really couldn't justify another £200 for the same watch! I've also been looking at Mulberry purses but i'm such a messy clumsy person that i'd probably get pen on it or lose it so I picked up this very smart looking river island purse for £17 and I think its such a lovely expensive quality and it goes really nice with my new bag that I mentioned the other day.
The topshop palletes were both £3 each in the sale which meant I bought them for the sake of it but oh well and same with the florence top it was £3 in the sale in primark and even if I just wear it to bed I could still justify the measly £3!
Picked up a couple of new buys in LUSH :) and a few other bits and pieces in primark.

send me links to your hauls

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Sarah said...

Fab buys, love the look of the Primark shirt :-)