My New Topshop Bag

 Topshop Bag £40 

So This is my new bag! I've been looking for a new one for a few weeks and I decided on this one. I really wanted to buy the big Zara shopper bag in black but I really prefer the tan one but I only really wear black accessories and decided I should really buy a black bag and also the Zara bag is actually HUGE and I decided that £40 was abit much for a bag I didn't really need. So anyway I spotted this one in my local Topshop a few weeks ago and just kept thinking that £40 was too much but since then I haven't found any other bags so I saw this one when I was shopping and had a nice feel of it and decided it was the perfect size and its from topshop and what the hell student loan will be here so I bought it :) and honestly I'm so glad I did because I love it, Its no longer available on the website but look in your local stores if your interested because the coventry store have a few left.
I need a new purse to match send me links !


char said...

Love this bag - the studs are fab!

M said...

I have this bag and absolutely love it! My only gripe is that the studs have been known to pull threads in my cardigans!

Mollie xo

Zoe said...

I didnt like this bag when i first saw it but the more i see it the more i love it! im sure i saw a grey version too that was just lovely!

Zoe |

Unknown said...

O M G this bag is fabulous, I literally want it right now!! X