My Spending Ban

Here's my Topshop Wishlist for this week :( I feel that I am spending WAYYY TOO much money so I am on a spending ban! I was really good on saturday and only bought a shirt! I wasn't really looking because I was trying to be good but I spotted a shirt that I've looked at loads and they didn't have my size previously but it was in the sale & they had my size :)

I know its going to be really difficult for me to spend NO MONEY but i'm going to try my best!
I do have a couple of exceptions.

*I'm going to the QVC beauty bash today so I might buy something there woops
*If I make tips at work then I'm aloud to spend them!
*I will still be spending money on food, only healthy food for my packed lunch for uni.
*I will still be going to the cinema and because me and dan go the cinema most wednesdays (we use orange wednesdays) and this is our little treat for the week.

I've won a 3 month subscription to birchbox and i've got lots of goodies from my goodie bag from the birmingham meet up so I have lots of bits and pieces to review :)
I'm not going to give myself a date but I do want to succeed my spending ban for about a month at least!

Wish Me Luck :)

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Unknown said...

I most defintely need to follow your lead and put a spending ban on myself! I love those Topshop Alvins though :( x