My New Shirt #outfit of the day

 Shirt: Urban Outfitters Sale £20 Skirt: h&m

I picked this shirt up when I was in Birmingham at the #birminghambloggersmeetup. I've looked at it a few times and they never had my size (i like to size up with shirts) so when i saw they had loads of different sizes I picked it up and walked straight to the till (even though i was on my spending ban technically ;O) but I got student discount making is £18 which i think isn't bad for such a lovely shirt. I love the studded pockets and the colours :)

Sunday Update
001. I have Scheduled loads of posts for this week so keep your eyes peeled :)
002. Spending ban is going well :) I went to debenhams and bought NOTHING
003. I have a journal now for blogging so organized Amy is here ;)


wand_included said...

That was a good buy!


Unknown said...

Love your top :) now following was lovely to meet you at the Birmingham blogger meet up.

Zoe Lianne said...

that shirt you bought is lovely and really suits you :)

amypyt said...

Thanks Zoe xxx

amypyt said...

Thanks Sophie, it was lovely to meet you too ! Xxxx

amypyt said...

Thanks tash!
I love it :) xxx