Favourite Make-up of 2012

Urban Decay Palette; Rimmel exaggerate eye liner and liquid liner; YSL mascara, They're real mascara; Hd Brows and Sleek Brows.

These are my make up must haves of 2012! These are products that have been either introduced to me this year or that I have just decided to try because of blogging!
I never bothered using eyebrow products until december 2012! I used to get them threaded and that was it but after reading loads of reviews about the HD brows kit and going to the clothes show with Gemma and she recommended the Sleek kit I had to try it out and now I use it every day!
This is the first product by Urban Decay that i've tried- I'm not really a fan of eye shadow; I normally just wear it on occasions but this has some lovely neutrals and amazing pigments- I defiantly have my eye on the new basics palette.

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