My Favourite Fragrances of 2012

Vera Wang-Princess Marc Jacobs- DOT Lady Gaga- Fame Vivienne Westwood- Naughty Alice

I've decided to pick out some of my favourite products of 2012 and i've started with fragrances, i've picked out eye products, make up, skin care and nail polishes too so look out for those over the next few days- I also have a couple of items that I bought in the River Island sale to show you and a new bag that I can't wait to show you all! I've not been blogging alot over the christmas period but hopefully things should go back to normal soon with some lovely reviews of some of my christmas presents coming soon!

Vera Wang Princess is my all time favourite perfume- I get bottles and bottles of the stuff. I've had this about 6 or 7 times and i've tried the other versions like rock princess, preppy princess and glam princess but this is the best one. Its such a lovely sweet scent and its such a unique fragrance. I actually got this bottle for Christmas off my momma :) 

Marc Jacobs Dot was one of those perfumes that I got because I liked the bottle- It was actually a birthday present off Daniel that I made him buy me. I've nearly used it all and I only got it in september but I really like it, Its a fruity/ floral scent which is really nice and subtle.

Lady Gaga Fame is a very nice sweet but more grown up smell. I don't usually go for 'celebrity' fragrances but I had to have this one as soon as I smelt it I knew I wanted to get it and then Daniel bought it for our anniversary yay :) 

Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood is also one of my favourites- this is the second time i've bought it. I picked this up a couple of months ago in tkmaxx I think it was like £25 which is a bargain. It smells really nice like an expensive talc which I understand £25 is abit much to smell like talc but its lovely and the packaging is really cute. 

 review on Naughty Alice here 

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Marta said...

I haven't tried others but I adore Dot :)x