My purchase

Just under £17 with my student discount and p&p

I'm so happy that these arrived on tuesday as I'm off to the #brumbloggersmeetup on Saturday and this will be an amazing opportunity to give some out and get some new followers also next week i'm off to London to the QVC beauty bash and I know a few bloggers are going so again might get to hand some out. I've found myself talking about my blog in department stores and to people at work and uni and I think these cards will make my blog more professional and easily accessable. I also bought my domain name so its now which is easier to remember and find. 

I'm really happy my with purchase and I'm going to be needing some business cards for my uni work and art practice soon so I think ill be using again. 

The process, printing and sending was really speedy! I wasn't expecting these for another week as thats when my delivery estimation was so I was ecstatic to see these when I walked in on tuesday evening :) 

Have you used or any other printing companies or do you think you might use if so contact me and I might be able to get you a sneaky 10% off ;) 


Carly said...

Really like your new business cards! Moo seems to be a pretty great company too. xxx

Unknown said...

These are stunning :)xxx