REVIEW: Benefit They're Real ! Mascara

benefit : they're real // rrp £18.50 *

I've been using they're real for a couple of months now and I am still really undecided about it. I love the length that it adds my lashes - I really think how much length that it adds is amazing and it's the only mascara that i've ever used that has been able to lengthen my lashes with such an amazing result however the lashes are really thin and the mascara doesn't add hardly any volume. I use another mascara on top either YSL shocking or Soap and Glory Thick and Fast. I also find that the lashes look abit 'scraggy' because its actually using the mascara to build up that extra length. I've used this mascara like I say for a couple of months and I think it still makes the lashes look scraggy and I have to fix them by using another mascara and this is rather annoying because I've spent £18.50 and then have to use another mascara on top. It could just be down to the person applying the mascara and maybe I haven't mastered it yet however I really do like this mascara because I love the length it adds. I don't use false lashes so this is ideal but I don't think ill buy this mascara again. 

Have you tried any mascara's that add length to your lashes that you think could compete with Benefit they're real! ?

*I bought this with my boots advantage card points.


Unknown said...

I absolutely love my They're Real mascara! I've used it every day since I got it!
Absolutely love your bedding by the way! Where is it from?!
x x

amypyt said...

Hi Jaye

Thanks :) my bedding is from ikea!