Sorting through my summer wardrobe

from left to right : high waisted denim shorts: new look, denim hot pants: topshop, white lace dress: primark, grey jersey dress: primark, green lace top: new look, orange skirt: new look, grey skirt h&m; blue skirt; river island, white aztec top: primark, lilac denim shorts; topshop.

I thought I would put together a post with a few tips and what I wear on holiday and in the summer.

I like to buy plain clothes, like plain colours and white and grey things. This way it's really easy to team outfits together. When you have lots of patterned clothes it can be quite difficult to match up things. Also this way if you buy a statement bag, with a really nice pattern you can wear it with most of your outfits.

Denim shorts are a must have! They go with everything and you can wear them night and day! Team them up with flip flops and a vest to go to the beach and then Sandals and a cute top for the evenings. This way you can wear a pair of shorts a few times and this can save on luggage allowance in your suitcase. (unless your like me and have to bring like 4 pairs of denim shorts.)

Basic Jerseys: You can get them from Primark h&m and new look for really cheap. I love these little jersey skirts as you can wear them day and night and they look really cute. It's best to buy a few plain white vests and then a few coloured ones for in the day. Suncream ruin's white tops so there is really no point in spending silly money on vest tops. This way you could even just leave them behind when your going home and save your self such luggage allowance for all the stuff you bought in duty free.

If your like me you have 94832847 pairs of shoes and you have to bring every single pair on holiday just in case you might need that pair. Just bring your flip flops, and a pair of brown sandals and black sandals and something comfy incase you do ay trips etc. Thats all you need and shoes are really heavy!

Now i'm going on holiday for two weeks and we all know that toiletries are silly money on holiday so make sure you bring enough, make sure you have your suncreams and shampoos etc. Don't bring your favourite bed head products or your Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser because if you bring the cheap stuff you can just chuck it away before you come home.

I know this is all kinda common sense but I hope you enjoy this and I know there are some holiday virgins out there who probably don't have a clue what they need to pack for their first holiday this summer.


louise said...

lovely post, really helpful and enjoyable to read! love knowing other peoples tips etc! LV x

Anastasia Soldatos said...

All makes brilliant sense. Definitely need to keep that in mind about shoes, why do I always think I'll need about 7 pairs?! Aha xo