summer find.

top: topshop necklace : topshop skirt: charity shop belt: new look 

I love a rumage through the charity shops, but it's very rare that I find something. A few weeks ago I picked up a shirt and I planned to cut the arms and I haven't got round to it yet. I found this skirt in my local heart foundation. I love polka dot so it instantly jumped out at me. I thought I could shorten the length abit but I also like this midi length. I think the outfit i'm wearing here will look lovely on holiday. What do you guys recon should I leave the length or cut into a cute summer skirt ? 

(ignore my hair) 


Islay said...

Love your skirt, I need to look in charity shops more often! I reckon you should keep it long because if you do it wrong and mess it up it would be a shame! Is your header new btw? xxxx

amypyt said...

islay, yeah i was thinking that too about messing it up :( i do like it long so will probably keep it long.

yeah my header is new a girl called steph did it for me, her prices are really good. is her blog


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of charity shop buys to hehe!

your outfit is lovely.