sunday update #3

I realise this is a late sunday update since its late on monday night but i've been working alot over the weekend and haven't really had time to post. 

001. As I said above i've been working a few extra hours at work this weekend. I've paid for the holiday now so I need abit of extra money for clothes, spending money etc.

002. You all know it's The Queens diamond jubilee celebrations this weekend, I've just watched the BBC footage of the celebrations, I would have loved to have been at Buckingham Palace as the atmosphere looked great. I really like that we have a monarchy and the jubilee and olympics is making everyone really patriotic and proud to be British which I think is really cute.

003. Made £90 in tips over 4 days this weekend, hopefully make more tomorrow to take me over the £100 mark and then i'll put it straight into my bank on wednesday

Anyone been to any street parties or jubilee parties? how have you spent your extra long bank holiday weekend? working like me?

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