DIY Ombre T-shirt tutorial

leggings: Gladrags  Tshirt: DIY


A t-shirt - I used a primark mens tshirt £2.50 
Dye- Ive used Dylon Antique grey 
3 containers 
250g salt (dylon measurement)
6LTRS hot water (dylon measurement) 
Container for your mix - Ive Used a bucket 
Rubber Gloves.

Don't do this DIY task on your white carpet, do it outside or in an area that you dont mind damaging the floor like a garage etc. Dye may drip onto the floor and may stain. 

Next distribute your dye into your three containers, this doesnt have to be perfect just make sure you have a similar about in each one. 

Next pour your water into a bucket and then add salt. 

Add one container of dye and stir. 

Now this is the fun bit. 


I would recommend using a coat hanger for the next step. 

Put your T-shirt into the dye about half way up the T-shirt.
I would recommend under the arms of the T-shirt- I used the arms of the T-shirt as a guide. 

Hold the T-shirt in the mixture for a few minutes so the dye can soak into the T-shirt.

Take the T-shirt out of the mixture and add in the 2nd container of dye and stir. 

Hold the shirt in the mixture again but this time only have about 2/3 of the area that you want to be dyed in the mix. so you should have less than half the T-shirt in the mix now. 
Again dangle it in for a couple of minutes.

Do it all again with the third and final container of dye. 
This time you only want a small section of T-shirt in the bucket as this will be the Darkest part. 

soak for about 2 minutes and remove.

Now rinse your T-shirt in the sink making sure you don't let any dye drip onto the white areas of the shirt. I would recommend keeping the shirt on the coat hanger and rinsing it with the tap. This will ensure the dye only runs down and not onto any white areas.

make sure you have rinsed all of the dye out of the shirt, 

now wash and dry the t-shirt as normal- i would recommend washing it separately just incase you haven't rinsed out all of the dye. 

You should now have a DIY Ombre top :) 

Hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you need anymore help or don't think my steps are clear enough then just let me know :) 


Steph said...

Amazing!! I really want to try this now:) You look lovely! xx

Anonymous said...

ooo i love DIY!! it looks awesome too!


Jess D said...

This is amazing!

Marie Loves said...

Turned out so well!!
Marie x

Emma said...

Your t-shirt looks so good! I want to try this! :)
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