Sunday Update #6

001. Had a pretty boring week. Worked abit over the weekend but apart from that I've not really done much.

002. HACKNEY WEEKEND! Watched jay z last night and been watching the highlights online- It looks amazingg. I would have loved to gone. It makes me wanna go to another festival.

003. Just been putting together a post about Kukee ( a jewellery website) should be up later.

004. I'm gonna be really busy this week so I will post but I doubt I'll be posting much over the next 3 weeks.

005. You probably saw in my last post i've been selling a few bits on ebay! It went rather well. I've made abit of money which will come in handy! A couple of things didn't sell. The urban outfitters leopard skirt and orange skirt and the internacionale top if you wanna make me an offer on these items. just email me.

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