I found out about Kukee from twitter and other blogs. After browsing over their website numerous times I thought it was about time I bought a few bits.

First of all I loved the look of the bracelet and knew it would be something that I would wear all the time. Spikes are really in at the moment and I love it. The actual quality isn't that great! It feels abit light and plasticy but it was like £3 so you can't really complain, and its one of those things that look really expensive. Also I actually wanted this is gold but it was sold out :( but I do love this silver/ grey colour.

The necklace is really difficult for me to comment on because I don't like the way is sits. I actually thought it would be smaller. It's really big. Its a nice necklace, its a nice shade of gold but its abit too big. however i'm gonna hold on to it because I think it will look really nice as a statement necklace on holiday or when I go out.

The prices on Kukee are really good. They stock some really nice pieces and some are very similar to bits on other website but half the price. This is a really good thing because like me i've picked up a few pieces that I really like and I haven't had to fork out like I would if I got a few bits from topshop.

let me know if you have bought anything from Kukee or it your going to :)

you can also follow Kukee on twitter, She does loads of giveaways :) @ilovekukee

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Unknown said...

Wow I love both pieces, especially the bracelet! Deffo going to check the site out :)