its friday...

shirt: forever 21 jumper: internacionale shorts: topshop necklace:tesco tights:primark

FRIDAY means work :(, for most people it means weekend but I work most friday nights. For those of you that don't know I work at Pizza Hut. It's a nice little job, not the easiest but it funds my shopping addiction and thats all that matters. I've worked for pizza hut for over 2 years now. I love meeting new people and love chatting with the customers. For people out there that are looking for that first job I would really recommend pizza hut because they love students for a start ! and it's a good way to get customer skills experience and cash handling experience. You get to keep your tips too ;) The tips are really handy because I use my change as bus fare/ train fare and to buy treats like food and magazines, this way i'm not taking money out of my wages. Also if theres something in particular that I want, I can save my tips or give myself a goal of how much I want to make. 

Just thought i'd let you guys know what I do with my weekends :) 
where does everyone else work?? 
any other bloggers work at pizza hut? 


char said...

I love the bright shirt collar poking out of the jumper in these outfit photos.
I really miss having a bar job for the weekends, I used to do that as well as my full-time job so I used to use my weekend wages as my 'pocket money' and still be able to save some of my regular wages each month.
Then again, now that I spend most of my weekends volunteering, or catching up with things to do on the allotment, I'm not sure I'd have the time to fit one in anymore.

Unknown said...

LOVE your outfit in these photos, the bright shirt layered under the white sweater is so adorable. & I must say, I LOVE your hair! Its the perfect colour!
I work at a Graphic Design company monday - friday as a artistic representative. I will be doing a post on this in the future... when I stop being so lazy!! =P

The Urban Umbrella


Unknown said...

I adore this look, really love the jumper :) I know how you feel once Friday rolls around - the joys of retail for you lol :P


Kristine M said...

You look adorable in this, i love it! and hey, there is no shame in working at pizza hut =)

love your blog, just caught on to it!