my superdrug haul!

trio eyeshadow swatches; smokescreen

(look's stay-put translucent powder, batiste;s dry shampoo- proud and true brit; mua's trio eyeshadow. mua nailpolish  shade 15 and shade 4;   mua  shade 2 pearl eyeshadow. barry M intense black eyeliner pen; garnier deep clean wash.)
heres a little look at a few bits and bobs i picked up in superdrug today; i've seeen alot of blogs comment on the mua range and for £1 you cant moan at the quality- from swatching and having a little play i must say i am impressed with the quality for the money.  the trio of eyeshadows was £2.50 - i had a bougeois one before that was of similar quality for 4x the price. i love a smokey eye effect so i will get full use out of this - when im not doing smokey eye i use a white/cream colour eyeshadow which is why i also bought the shade 2 pearl eyeshadow - it has shimmers/glitters and its such nice consistancy i cannot believe it was only £1. staying on the mua products ive picked up these little pink polishes as everyone needs 234546 different shades of pink to choose from they are really cute colours and after applying just one coat im impressed and two coats would easily give a great cover- well worth a pound!

after look relased their make up range - bloggers went maddd reviewing the products however i didnt see any for this powder, i am a fan of loose powder and i do go for light shades but ive never used a translucent powder i am yet to try this out on my face but it smells lovely and the powder is a nice feel- also the pot is LUSH! it has a mirror and the plastic inside to stop the powder falling out is really nice its lovely compared to some powders that GO EVERYWHERE!

i use batistes dry shampoo all the time whether its between washes or to matte my hair i live by the stuff- i always always have at least two cans at a time so when i saw superdrug had them on offer i had to pick some up- ive not used the brit one before i stick to the blush one but they didnt have any so i thought id brave the brit one and it smells lovely- i did smell the tropical one but it smells like malibu and makes me feel sick - especially the morning after a night out ;)

still yet to try the eyeliner and the face wash (the face wash smells like cucumber ;))

have you bought anything recently ?

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