dancing in the moonlight.

cardigan: new look, scarf: market, shirt: new look, skirt: h&m, leggings: river island.

i think everyone will agree that today with the horrible cold weather it makes us feel good for nothing - i hate cold i just wanted to stay in bed all day! but i couldnt so i got up(eventually) got ready and went to coventry for uni, as i was already late i didnt see the point in going to the studio so i had a little look in debenhams and a few other shops before heading to subway and then to uni for my 1'0clock lecture.

i originally didnt put skirt on this morning with this outfit but the cold weather made me reluctant to go out in just leggings but i didnt wanna wear tights so i wore leggings and skirt which i dont think looks great but i was comfy :)

i like my make up today, my skins been going really dry because of the cold but it looked okay today, been using LOOK's translucent powder which i really like :) it should come with a brush tho

probs be away from the computer alot over the weekend-

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Alice said...

I really love your shirt and scarf! Your hair looks lovely too :) xo

stephanie thy. said...

that scarf is such a statement piece and I love your necklace as well! it's so beautiful :)