pancake day

today i have been visiting some art galleries. yesterday i dropped my iphone in a cup of tea and its broken i knew getting out of the house would be a good way to make me forget about my iphone for abit and get out and see some exhibitions to put in my uni logbook. me and daniel visited eastside birmingham which was closed (gutted) but it meant we got to walk through custard factory which is really nice. we visited the birmingham ikon gallery which had 3 good exhibitions on, one which was all text and big writing and another which a sculpture artist and postcards from japan by tohnoku artists, all these exhibitions are mensioned on there website and would really reccomend you see it ( just let me know if you wanna see any pictures) we then visited walsall new art gallery which always has good exhibitions on, its actually showing an exhibtion which my uni tutor is part of so it was nice to see his work.

happy pancake day me and daniel went to this little pancake place and i had lemon drizzle and a scoop of ice cream - not just any ice cream MARSHMELLOW ice cream and dan had toblerone ice cream - had such a lovely day and kinda forgot about my phone for abit. (anyone who has an iphone 4 will know they rely 100% on that phone)

do you like these pictures of me out and about - would you like to see more of this?

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Sara said...

Wow, I really love your outfit!
Glad I discovered your blog, followed! :) xo