REVIEW; Estee Lauder Skin tone Illuminator.

(rrp; £46)

i got a few sachets of this skintone illuminator as i do really love products such as this estee lauder product; im a fan of primers so when i was given these samples i was dying to try them out. ive used them for a few days now and they make your skin feel so soft, ive never used estee lauder products because they are really expensive but with this product a little goes along way and i can see why it is so expensive ; id say the 50ml bottle would last about a year. its a really lovely formula, its shiny and applies to the skin really nice.

i think i have actually fell in love with this and would love to try more estee lauder products; the only problem for me is the price tag, i would happily pay the price but i am looking to book a holiday and im going to paris so i dont really have the money to spend on skintone illuminators

has anyone else tried this or even forked out the £46 for it?


BurningBlonde said...

I really want to try this out! But the price puts me off, I'm not going to spend so much money on it. x

Jess said...

It is a shame about the price! I find estee lauder products really good though. Maybe buy it when in paris ;)

xx Jess