february glossy box

this is my final glossy box as i have decided to unsubscribe- i was going to unsubscribe after the christmas box but when they announced the suprise valentines box i had to stay and see what they had in store - honestly i loved the valentines box but this months wasnt even anywhere near as good as last months.

heres what i got in my box this month, the DuWop lipgloss and the Paul Mitchell hair smoothing treatment is all that really interests me although i really dislike the taste of the lipgloss so most likely wont even use it and hair treatments make my hair greasy - i am yet to try this product but cant see me using it. the eyeshadow is green - a shade i dont think anyone uses anymore. why would i need a 18 in 1 liquid soap and the lotion skinks. all in all really not impressed. ive had a few people asking me about glossy box recently and i have been really negative in this post i would reccomend recommend reading my previous posts; i have done 5 glossy box posts now they do have there ups and downs, i think this is the worst box so far but i just cant afford to spend £12.95 a month on products im not using - id rather buy one product that i will use.

i know glossy box is a samples box but im not even using the samples. in previous boxes there has been items that i LOVE but this box really didnt do it for me and thats why ive unsubscribed.

leave any comments reguarding glossy box below :)


Unknown said...

i don't subscribed to this box. i think it's a little bit to much money, only for samples. but i think in the uk's are way better products than here in germ :'D
great post, dear!



Unknown said...

I think all these subscription boxes are touch and go. I am a glossy box subscriber too and was going to cancel as I do think its a lot of money to pay for products I dont always use.
I think the whole concept of these boxes is touch and go becuase how can they cater for every one. I know that I will always recieve something I will not like, what gets me is the survey you fill in asking you what shades you like skin type ect for them to completly ignore it.
Please let us know if you go for another subscription x