splurge or save #1

i am one of those people that absolutely love finding little bargains, especially if they look like a highstreet brand like topshop. i love these loafers which are £28 on topshop but i really cant just justify spending nearly £30 on a pair of shoes that are not going to last very long,

for £10 you could buy like 3 pairs of shoes for the price you would have spend in topshop.  which ones would you buy, if you think about it you cant even tell where they are from when they are on your feet.

a little heads up: if you follow me on twitter you will know that me being me ( REALLY CLUMSY) i have broken my iphone 4 (dropped it in a cuppa tea) wahh wahh wahh so yeah wont be tweeting as much and it may take a while for me to reply to blog comments as i wont get emails and wont know about them wahhh. shouldnt effect my blogging tho.


Marie Loves said...

ooo very good find!

Marie x


Islay said...

I bought the tesco ones last week and then I saw the topshop ones the day after! They are pretty much the same aswell! :D