REVIEW; valentines glossy box.

okay these were the two products from the glossy box that ive used.  i havent used the nail polish properly but it covers well and its a nice polish.

first the Murad Primer : i have now used up all of this i really loved it!  for the past few weeks ive had really dry skin and keep having little breakouts! thats to this they covered great, i used my collection 2000 concealer and this on top and it covered lovely. the colour was maybe a little too dark for me but once i put my foundation on it was fine. it applys really nice too.
would reccommend and might have to go and buy the full size product only issue is the heafty price tag!

FAB body wash, after using the FAB facial wash in last months box i was really happy to see this in the box, fab is a brand that i have looked at before but really couldnt spend that much money on a facial wash/ body wash so i love these little sample bottles because they do last a long time.
the body wash smells better than the facial wash and it applies nice:) the only thing is the bottle made it quite hard to get the product out but apart from that its a great product, and if i had vouchers or was LOADED id buy the full size but until then ill have to stick to my garnier face wash,

what did you think of your GLOSSYBOX!
have you tried everything out yet ?

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