We have recently been trying out the Eco by Naty range. We were lucky enough to get a few of their lovely products in the post so we've been giving them a go for a few weeks and I thought i'd let you know how Amelia has been getting on with them and what I think of the range. 

First of all Naty is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly brand. They started off by creating a Eco-friendly nappy and now they have a full range products including wipes, pull on pants and bath and body care.

Let's start with their nappies, I really wanted to use re-usable nappies but as we live in a small flat I don't really have anywhere to keep them, hang them to dry etc so decided to use disposable nappies. I like the idea of using biodegradable nappies as this is a little more environmentally friendly. These nappies feel really soft and gentle on babies skin but are tough and not flimsy. They are very absorbent and haven't leaked at all. They are certified by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association. Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association is a Swedish national association working to improve the conditions and the understanding of people living with asthma, allergy, intolerance and hyper sensitivity. The only downside about these nappies is the price, they are on the pricey side and a little more than i'd like to spend on nappies however if you are in the market for a Eco-friendly, disposable nappy they are a reasonable price. 

As well as the nappies we have been using the Sensitive wipes (the unscented ones) on Amelia, I haven't tried the lightly scented ones on her yet as her skin is really really sensitive and she has had reactions to wipes in the past. The wipes are nice, not too wet or dry. They are very soft and gentle. The scented wipes smell nice and fresh, not chemically. The wipes are 98.5% water so designed to be gentle on sensitive skin. They are hypoallergenic so don't irritate the skin and prevent nappy rash. 

Another product i've been using is the Baby Bath Foam. It contains No fragrances. No parabens. No mineral oils. Which is great and means I don't have to worry about using it on Amelia's sensitive skin. It doesn't have a scent so is really gentle on baby. It leaves skin feeling clean and soft. It's so gentle you can use it everyday, it won't dry out babies skin. 

One product I was really impressed with was the nappy sacks, I tend to buy any old nappy sacks but these are such a good idea. There's no point in using a biodegradable nappy and then putting it into a plastic bag and visa versa! They are so thick and such a lovely quality, they come on a roll so easy to use. They are a nice design, cream with green leaves. 

I haven't tried the nappy cream yet, Amelia doesn't suffer with a sore bottom (hasn't yet) so haven't needed to try this yet but the nappy cream is Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested and again suitable for everyday use. It's a healing organic rash cream with tried and tested natural ingredients that will soothe irritated skin and reduce redness often caused by trapped moisture.  

I have been really impressed with the Naty products and would love to try some of their other products, especially more of their Bath and Body care range. I would really reccommend their nappies if you are looking for a Eco-Diaper. 

* this post contains pr samples 

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