If you have an interest in home decor, chances are at one time or another you’ll have scrolled through the beautiful images on Pinterest, and wondered what you can do to make your home look just as lovely. One thing that these rooms have in common is that they look light, bright and pretty with some unique touches- and this is something you can bear in mind when you’re styling your own home. The bedroom is a great place to start, each and every one of use deserves a nice room where we can relax and clear our head from the daily pressures and stresses of life. Here are some ideas for creating your perfect, Pinterest- worthy room.

Clear it out and declutter
The first thing to do would be to completely empty your room. Take out all of the furniture, curtains, anything hung on walls, rugs and whatever else is is there. Use this as an opportunity to declutter your possessions and get rid of what you no longer need. Save space in your home and your life only for things you love and actually use. Go through your wardrobe, all of your drawers, your makeup, accessories and everything else that’s currently in your bedroom.

Consider adding an ensuite or walk in wardrobe
Are you lucky enough to have a large bedroom? This can be fantastic, but it can be difficult to fill the space and can end up looking a little bare. One option to make the most of the room would be to add a small en suite or walk in wardrobe. A stud wall with a simple door or just an archway would work well. If you’re going to add a bathroom, choose your suite- a shower cubicle is often the best in a smaller space and you can get slimline sinks too which allow you to keep everything compact. Check out a range of taps and choose ones that add a little style and personality. Think about the tiles and flooring, your best bet would be to go with colours and designs that match the rest of your bedroom to create a nice flow.

Decorate in neutral tones
Once the room is clear it makes decorating easy. If you look at most Pinterest bedrooms, they’ve gone with plain white on the walls and for good reason. This makes the most of any space regardless of the size and helps it to feel bigger and more spacious. Avoid bold colours and busy wallpaper on all walls instead create a blank canvas. If your walls aren’t in the best condition then have them skimmed by a plasterer. If you want to add some colour to the walls then go with a colour on one feature wall- but research this carefully. Find the right tone, and make sure it’s not going to draw in the space too much if you’re in a smaller room. For flooring, wooden floors look elegant but if you’d rather carpet then go with something that’s again plain and neutral.

Choose the right furniture
Once you’ve got the decor right, you can start thinking about furniture. White or mirrored furniture works well as it doesn’t look too bold or heavy in the room. The key is to find pieces that properly fit the size of bedroom that you have, so be sure to measure everything before you buy. Be sure you have enough storage in your room, when everything is neatly stored away you’re not left with clutter. If your dressing table is kept in your bedroom then this is one area to make a nice feature of, go with a big mirror and a gorgeous chair or stool. Add things like decorative makeup brush holders and acrylic storage on top.

Find pretty yet interesting accessories
Finally, it's your accessories and finishing touches that will bring the room to life. A good starting point is choosing a theme, you can then pick items that match this and everything will work well together. It could be an accent metal like gold, or a theme like shabby chic. Think curtains and blinds, cushions, bedding, rugs, plants and flowers, lamps and lighting, frames, ornaments and more. There are lots of ways you can add style to the place with items that are functional as well as pretty. Go with quality over quantity, you need to get the balance right to avoid it looking like it’s crammed full. Spend time researching online the perfect pieces to add personality to your bedroom.

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