It’s time for the big annual deep clean of the entire home. Some of you are already groaning, but you’ve come here because you know that it can be easier and you’re right. Here, we’re going to look at a few of the little and large ways that you can make the home a lot easier to clean.

Make your rooms easier to clean
This isn’t the easiest tip to follow, nor the cheapest. However, when it comes time to revamp the kitchen or any other part of the home, try to make “easy-to-clean” one of the priorities. For instance, if you’re choosing a new kitchen surface, granite and stainless steel are much easier to wipe off and polish than wood or laminate. For floors, having a home full of carpets and rugs is going to exponentially increase the amount of time you spend washing and vacuuming them compared to hardwood floors.
Say goodbye to clutter
Some people like to have a lot of stuff around them. Knick-knacks, décor pieces, vignettes, whatever you want to call them, it might be worth thinking about scaling them back a little. As said in The Life-Changing Art Of Tidying Up: you should surround yourself only with those items that bring you joy. What’s more, the more clutter you have, the easier it is for dust and debris to find places to nestle and the more cleaning you’re going to have to do. Keep surfaces neat and free and it’s a lot easier to simply dust and wipe. If you have a lot of stuff and you simply don’t know where to keep it, check out for some storage hack ideas.
Beware the wave of trash
The post-cleaning process can be as much of a hassle as the cleaning itself. After a deep clean, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with much more trash than you can handle. Rather than having to store trash for longer than necessary or trying to find creative ways to cram everything into one bin, you should look at services like It doesn’t cost too much to use a waste removal service once in a while, and it’s going to make the home much more pleasant immediately after the big clean.
Keep it healthy
Want to avoid the unpleasantness of a home filled with fumes? Common household cleaners are abrasive, not only to the nose but they can irritate your skin. Avoid overusing them by relying more often on natural cleaning products. Using one dishcloth with a natural spray is a lot more convenient than using an endless supply of cleaning wipes. It will also help reduce the amount of waste you have to get rid of after.

In future, try to think about not only how to clean better, but how to make the before and after of the clean easier. A lot of your hassle will come from trying to get rid of the garbage or having surfaces and rooms that add more hassle than necessary. The clean itself will be a lot easier with the right preparation.

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