I've jumped back on that healthy eating bandwagon, it's probably abit late to get that fit summer body but I want to loose abit of weight and just eat abit healthier. I feel abit rubbish right now and I find that my diet can sometimes affect how i'm feeling. I have done slimming world in the past and lost over 2 stone so I know this works for me. Since being pregnant with Amelia I have just eaten whatever I want but really want to start making healthier choices and eating better. I thought i'd share a few ideas of the types of foods that I eat when i'm being healthy as I feel this can really help people.  I do have a Slimming World instagram which I share most of my meals on. I like using Instagram to get ideas for healthy meal ideas and I follow loads of Slimming World accounts again to get lots of new ideas.

For breakfast I like having Oaty Pancakes, you can see a recipe on my blog here, they are so tasty! I love having them with banana and nutella.
If i'm not having pancakes then I might do a fry up using FryLight and lean bacon, a low fat sausages.
Another breakfast favourite is a fruity smoothie, i'll pop some Banana, Strawberry, Oats and sometimes Yoghurt and honey in a blender like one from My Juicer UK for a yummy tasty refreshing smoothie in the morning.

For lunch my fave is Jacket Potato, beans and salad. I really like the Sweet Potato Jackets, they are really tasty! I tend to cook them in the morning and then just pop them in the microwave at lunch time for a few minutes.

I also like just having a nice tasty salad especially in the summer. I like to have some low fat coleslaw. On slimming world you can have pasta so sometimes i'll add a little pasta to my salad.

You can find loads of low syn snacks, you can buy packets of chicken or a fruit bag which would be syn free. I find that finding the syns for things and writing it on a sticky note onto the product helps when your watching what you eat. This can stop you from eating that extra mini roll in the office at lunch.

I find dinner really easy some of my favourites are hunters chicken with Slimming World Chips, if you chop potatos into chips and pop them in the oven using FryLight you can get some yummy low fat chips.
Another fave is bolognaise, I tend to make extra and have the left-overs the next day on a Jacket Potato for lunch.

I find sweet treats the hardest as I have a sweet tooth, I think the main thing for me is if I want something i'll eat it, rather than getting depressed about being on a diet on not being able to eat what I want. I think by making good food choices most of the time you can loose weight and feel better. I want to get back into my exercise too but right now it's just a brisk walk with Amelia, especially in this heat!

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