Travelling with a romantic partner abroad can be a very personal and intimate experience, one that can sweep you off your feet if you’re not careful (perhaps you might consider this a good thing!) However, traveling with a romantic partner can often be somewhat of a different experience than traveling with friends and family members - and not just in the obvious ways. There are some wonderful opportunities for the both of you here, and also some good advice you should follow in order to stay safe despite keeping a stomach filled with butterflies.

Consider the following:

Speak Your Truth

When headed abroad with someone you love, especially if there relationship is in its infancy, you can sometimes be so interested in giving everything to the other person that you forget to speak your truth. It might be you’re happy to accommodate your boyfriend throughout all of the activities they want to visit, at a cost of visiting the places you would like to see. This isn’t fair. Remember that you are also paying for this vacation, or at least surrendering your time to it. You should be able to suggest locations that you visit, and if the relationship is strong this will be no problem.

This isn’t to say you should fight about going places, but that both opinions should be considered. It might be that your partner is very interested in experiencing a sporting activity that scares you, such as deep scuba diving. There is always a benefit in challenging yourself and heading outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes you can feel forced into doing things you might not have enjoyed doing because of this feeling of obligation.

Travelling abroad with someone this close can make you behave in ways you might not have originally. Never be afraid to speak your truth and always consider your safety first. If they are worth their salt, they will be more than happy for this to be the case.

Look Out For One Another

Romantic vacations can be quite dizzying. They might make you do silly things, such as climb up a cliff face for the adventure of it, or head to dangerous ground in order to see the most beautiful views. It might just be that in your fascination with the other person you forget to properly understand your location and where you are, or to keep an incredibly close eye over your currency and documentation. Be sure to come to an arrangement to help the other person manage their belongings and to stay safe at all times. No matter how much you might want to impress the other person, allowing young love to be reckless, overly energetic and dangerous can cause you both to experience an unnecessarily negative circumstance.

Practice, Care & Prolonged Experiences

Heading on one vacation can be a beautiful experience between you and a partner, but sometimes a more prolonged experience could be called for. It might be that contributing to an apartment in a beautiful country such as Indonesia could help you come together and practice living together before you make your proposal. It might be that this truly helps you understand the other person past a week of nice experiences, and instead helps you bond a form of continual alliance with one another, absorbing a culture together and thus creating an experience that no one can take from you both.


Surprises are the core of a positive vacation experience. It might be your surprise your boyfriend with tickets to a show nearby, or he books a table at one of the most prized restaurants in the area. Surprises are fun, and despite the safety requirements we have previously espoused, can come from all angles. It might be you search for a souvenir that only the two of you can remember, or in extreme circumstances that you get matching tiny tattoos on your ankle. Be wise about your surprises, but understand they can make the core of the experience shine, and help you both feel wonderful in one another’s company.


Despite travelling with one person and wanting them to be your world for a matter of weeks or even months, it will not do to drop off the face of the Earth, no matter how romantic that might seem. Always keep in contact with your family at home with regular updates, and with your friends too. Always keep a contact line open, even if you have to put forth further effort to use it in the case of small villages with limited communication networks.

Always understand the location of your nearest embassy and how to get there, as well as keeping more than one phone on you at all times in case you lose one or have it taken from you. Also, remind your partner and have them remind you of the necessity to stay on the grid, and to be reached when necessary.

Peace & Reflection

Romantic vacations can be quite an intense time. While you and your partner are likely head over heels for one another, that does not guarantee that you will not argue or come to some form of conflict. Travel can be hard on people, despite the wonder and beauty it promises. A good way of getting around this is to look for peace and reflection where you can. You needn’t spend every waking moment with the other person. It might be finding escapism on a beach with an incredible book about local history or just a good novel, or it might be attending a local pottery crafting class on your own while your partner explores.

These efforts conducted now and then can help your vacation stay fresh, and for you to unwind from one another now and again. Even great and well intentioned people can clash if tired or drained, so allowing for a little ‘me-time,’ now and then can help the vacation stay a positive experience for all.

With these efforts, travel with a romantic partner is sure to be the most romantic, safe and wise trip you have been on thus far.

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