I've had my Kindle for years and years and it's one of the best things i've ever bought. I love reading and can read a book really fast. I'm a lover of a good thriller, I love abit romance and a happy ending. Some of my favourite books include The Girl on the Train, The Fifty Shades series, I like Sophie Kinsella books and Cecelia Ahearn.

What I love most about my Kindle is that I can keep downloading books and they are all there waiting to be read. I don't have to worry about bringing a particular book out with me or worry about how i'm going to fit those books in my bag/suitcase. I find E Books easier to read than books especially on my Kindle, it's just so easy to use. I have read E Books on my iPad too but prefer my Kindle.

Although I do love a good paperback I tend to buy Ebooks as i'm more likely to read it as i'll often have my kindle in my bag but popping a book in my bag isn't something i'll think about. I've got a new job so will be commuting, i'm so excited to read some books on my journey. I think that all authors should create Ebooks as I think i'm not alone and that people love how easy it is to download a book and read it right away. I think E Books are great for lots of other businesses too not just Authors, you can easily make an Ebook on They have a huge range of templates to help you create the perfect book.

I haven't read any books in a while as I don't really find the time to read now i've had Amelia but as I mentioned above i've got a new job and will be commuting so i'm going to try and read more on the train and on my break at work as reading is something I really love to do but just don't really have time to do. Send over any book recommendations, I tend to look on Amazon and WHSmith in the Ebook charts to get some ideas of books to buy or sometimes i'll ask over on twitter for recommendations.

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