As you may know i'm having  a baby and have been thinking about what i'm going to pack in my hospital bag. I have a little while to go but I know the next few months are going to fly by and I like being prepared. I have started writing a list of what I need to buy for my hospital bag.

I thought i'd put a blog post together to share a few bits that I will be including in my hospital bag and thought this post may help those of you who are having babies soon. I am having my baby in November so if your having your baby in summer you may not need all of the above.

This is stuff that will be in my hospital bag, I will do a separate blog post on what I will pack for the baby. I really like this travel bag from Cath Kidston and think it would be the perfect size for my bits and pieces. I think we are going to go to Bicester Village to have a look at the outlet for bags and baby bits.

First of all a few bits that you will need include your hospital notes and any birth plans, throw-away underwear/ old knickers. Maxi-pads, breast pads, and some water and snacks for yourself.

Nightwear, you don't want to spend alot on nightwear in case it gets ruined. I would reccommend getting yourself a few maternity nighties that you can wear throughout your pregnancy. I really like this strappy nightdress from Asda, it's lightweight so you won't get too hot! I also want to pack a nightshirt like this one from Asos. I want to breastfeed and feel this would be easy to undo the buttons to feed baby. The long sleeves will be abit warmer too as i'm having baby during the winter months. I'm also going to need a cosy dressing gown, like this lightweight quilted wrap from David Neiper would be perfect as it's lightweight so I wouldn't get too hot but adds that extra layer.

Again as it's going to be cold I will need some socks and new slippers for when i'm walking around. These ones from Next look really comfy and warm, I have a similar pair from Primark which were only a few quid so I will pick a pair of those up.

I want to get a decent nursing bra, I work in a bra shop and really like this one from Panache, I will most likely get one before bubba is born so I have one for whilst we are in hospital etc and then i'll get a few more once bubba is born and my milk has come in properly.

I will be bring my make up bag with me as I will be one of those people that wear make up during labor, I will only have a bit of foundation and my brows on, maybe some mascara. I hate going out without make up on and I want to have some photos of me during labor and when the baby is born and i'd feel alot more comfortable with a little bit of make up on.

A lipbalm is a must have as you can get dehydrated throughout labor and a lipbalm will stop your lips from getting dry and chapped. The Dr Paw Paw balm is a good all round balm, I have a little travel size tube which I think will be perfect. I am also going to pack my Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, which i've mentioned on my blog before. This is a water spray which is perfect to cool you down and refresh your skin.

Finally, i'm not sure how much reading or listening to music i'll get to do but if I have to be induced or labor ends up taking a few hours I think bringing my kindle and some earphones will keep me relaxed and make time pass quicker. We will be bringing the camera too so we can film some of the labor and take some photos of the baby when shes first born.

What did you bring in your hospital bag? Am I missing anything?  I hope this post helps you if your having a baby and thinking about what to pack in your hospital bag.

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