Hello! I thought i'd do a 24 week update as I want to document this pregnancy so I have it all to look back on and I know it will be helpful to others who are expecting or planning on getting pregnant.

If you didn't know I was pregnant you can see my pregnancy announcement post here

I've found pregnancy so far quite difficult! My first trimester wasn't too bad, I had some sickness and nausea but it wasn't too bad. I had extreme tiredness but again this wasn't too bad and I managed to carry on as normal most of the time. 

Now i'm well into my second trimester I thought i'd share how I've found it. 

The tiredness hasn't gone away at all, i'm so exhausted all of the time and it's affected me quite bad. I feel mentally drained as well as physically drained. I'm still working but just part time and even that feels like too much. I've dropped down to 15 hours which is about 3 days a week and i'm hoping this will help. I've got a week off next week so i'm hoping to get some blogging done and just chill for most of the week and catch up with some friends as i've not seen much of people over the last couple of weeks. 

My mental well being has taken a turn for the worse, my anxiety is back. I'm just always worried that something is wrong. I mentioned briefly in my last post that we have been to the hospital a couple of times to get petal checked out as i've had reduced movements. I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is attached to the front wall. This can restrict my movements however as bubba has been moving a lot i've got to know her patterns and I know when she tends to move alot. She has on a couple of occasions not moved so we've had to get checked over at the hospital. I have got myself into a right state, crying and getting really worked up because of this. As I mentioned above i'm still at work and finding it very difficult. I work in retail so i'm on my feet all day and theres alot of running around involved. I find it hard to drink a lot and I don't really get a chance to rest except on my break so I haven't really wanted to go to work. 

I've got a week off next week and i'm really looking forward to that and will hopefully have time to rest and get back to normal a bit. I have another midwife appointment in two weeks for a check up as I mentioned my anxiety so getting to listen to bubba again will help. We are also going to be booking another scan so we can see the baby again as our 20 week scan feels like forever ago! Clint's just got back with the moses basket which is making everything feel real! 


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