When you work from home you tend to spend a lot of time wearing comfy clothing, I practically live in Pj's when i'm home. I work part time and blog part time so I spend about 4 days a week at home working on my blog etc. Obviously I don't always work in my pj's but I tend to opt for a more comfy casual outfit like leggings and a tshirt when i'm working from home. I was going through my Pj's and I have so many fluffy/ wintery sets and not alot of lighter spring/ summer bits so I thought i'd share some of my Spring loungewear picks with you.

 First up is this cute Jack Wills Cami and Short set from Asos which looks so comfy and cosy you could easily pop on a pair of joggers if it's abit nippy but these are perfect for the warmer summery months. I love grey nightwear!

If it's abit nippy you can always pop on a dressing gown or you can even get cardigans like this one from New Look which would be perfect to keep you a bit warmer. I've picked out a few dressing gowns and wraps as i've only got a big fluffy one and I really want to get myself a cooler/ lighter one for Spring/ Summer. How cute is this Pink Unicorn Dressing Gown from Boohoo or this pink paisley print kimono from David Neiper is cute and it's cotton so again super lightweight.

I usually opt for some kind of legging and tshirt option when i'm picking out pj's just like this Pug set from Boohoo! I find them so comfy when i'm in bed and working from home. They are light so I don't get too hot. Primark do loads of different designs in this kind of style.

Slippers! I thought i'd pick out a few pairs of slippers again as mine are huge fluffy ones so i'll need to pick up a more summery pair. I thought these Pug ones from New Look were really nice, they look so comfy and not too hot! These Cactus ones from Asos look abit warmer and maybe abit too fluffy for spring but I love anything with a Cactus on, I love these!!

So they are my Spring Loungewear picks! What do you wear on your day off when your chilling at home? Or do you work from home too and spend all day in comfy clothes like me?

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