I've been using the Pebble Grey Elko Vanity Mirror for a few months now and never got round to featuring it on my blog. I thought i'd share my thoughts with you. 

Pebble Grey stock a huge selection of different Bathroom mirrors in all shapes and sizes. They have loads of illuminated mirrors to choose from as well as a selection of Towel Rails, Cabinets and other bathroom accessories. The mirrors are really affordable and a really good finish and quality. They have so many different styles so there's something for everyone and any bathroom. 

I've already got a small mirror and a big mirror in my bathroom so I have popped my Pebble Grey Vanity Mirror on my dressing table. It plugs right into the mains so is super easy to use. The light is really bright and perfect for those dark winter mornings. The mirror is double sided with a magnifying mirror and moves up and down so you can position it where you like. Its not too heavy so really easy to move around and its great for checking the back of your hair. 

I think it makes doing my make up so much easier, I use it every single day and even if I don't need the light I like have it close to me when i'm doing my make up. As you can see when the light is on you get a really good light on your face making applying make up so easy, you can see if you've missed any patches etc. 

The Elko Vanity mirror is no longer on the Pebble Grey site but they have just release the Lima Led Magnifying Vanity Mirror which is exactly the same however you can affix it straight to the wall. 

* This post contains pr samples.

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