It's getting so chilly right here in the UK so I thought i'd put together some tips on how to make your bedroom cosy. There's some really easy ways you can create a warm, cosy space so i'm going to share a few right now with you.

It's starting to get darker quicker so get yourself some fairy lights, I got mine from Primark and hang them on your bed or around your dressing table or window. This just adds a little bit of light for those dark evenings when you don't really want to switch your big light or lamp on. Fairy lights make a room so cute and cosy. I also light some candles, you can get some really amazing scents in the run up to Christmas like this Christmas candle by Neom, light these around the room again for a warm, cosy feel. I like to make myself a big mug of hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows and snuggle up in my bed and read a good book for a cosy evening in. Isn't this penguin mug from Primark so cute! Invest in your bed and mattress . By getting yourself a decent bed and mattress you will get a much better sleep. There's so many different types of Mattress to choose from, from Pocket Sprung to Memory Foam so it's worth doing your research and finding the perfect one for you. Sticking with beds, I tend to stock up on a few throws, when it gets cold its nice to have a throw at the bottom of the bed to keep your feet warm. This tartan print one from M&S is gorgeous and looks really nice and snug, perfect for the winter season. I picked up a few Christmas/ Wintery cushions last year so i'll be getting these out and popping them onto the bed again. This Follow your dreams one from Dunelm is so cute!

These are just a few little tips on how to make your room warm, snug and cosy for the winter. I hope you like them, how do you make your room cosy?

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