Today's post is kind of an up to date flat tour aswell as some tips on how to turn a small rented space into a home. Clint and myself have been living together for a year in our little flat and it's been great! we love living together and having our own space. Sometimes with rented accommodation you can't make all the changes you'd like but that shouldn't stop you from making it a home. Here's a few tips on how we have made our flat feel like a home and how we make the most of the space we have.


In the bedroom we have our bed and some bedside tables and my dressing table. We have underbed storage boxes which I keep some of my make up and toiletries in, these are really handy because you can just pull them out as and when you need them. I have a set of Helmer drawers from Ikea which I use to store most of my make up and everyday bits and then I have a plastic organiser on my dressing table for my everyday make up. The drawers keep the room tidy because it means most of my things are hidden away, the drawers also double up as a bedside table for this side of the bed, which saves up space. There's so many different ways that you can save space and i'm working alongside Bed Guru on their #SmallSpaceSleeping campaign. Bed Guru have just launched a collection of convenient self assembly / slot together beds and headboards called The Landmark Collection. It's such a great idea, they are easy to put together and take apart if your moving, so if like us you live on the third floor with no lift and plan on moving house, it would be so easy to take the bed apart and move it to another house. Or if you have a tight small space you could build the bed up in that small space easily just by slotting the pieces together.  To make the room abit more cosy and homely, we have some photos on our window ledge in our bedroom and I have some of my favourite books on the bedside table. I like having my make up out and on show because I really love makeup and this makes my room personal to me. The lights around the bed are really cosy and make the room feel snug and relaxing.


We have two bathrooms, our main bathroom is very tidy and we don't have much in there apart from our linen basket and I have a tiny basket which I keep my bath bombs in. In the en-suite which is the bathroom we use the most I have this bamboo unit which I keep my skincare bits and shampoos etc inside to keep the bathroom tidy. I knew I wanted to get a nice unit like this for the bathroom to keep it organised, I got this from Tiger a while ago.


In our hallway we have a closet which we store our coats and towels in, this is a bit of a mess and has random things like the ironing board and washing basket inside. We have this Kalex unit from Ikea in the hallway too which we put the wifi box on the top aswell as some candles and a little tray to put our keys. The Kalex is great because you can buy these storage boxes to go inside and we actually keep shoes inside. We also have this little white basket which has more shoes inside too. Add some photos to your hallway to make it feel more personal and like your home.


I think our living room is really cosy and I love it. Our tv stand is from ikea and I love that it has doors on the front, inside we keep DVD's and the Xbox. This just keeps it looking tidy but has everything inside that we need. I love the lights by the TV it makes the room look so cosy on the evening when we have them switched on, I like to have some candles in the living room too.
We also have this coffee table also from Ikea and this is really handy to pop drinks on or snacks when people come over. We didn't have a coffee table for a while because I thought the room was too small but I think it fits perfectly and it's great that we have somewhere for people to put drinks. I like this one has the little shelf underneath which is handy to keep books or just general bits and pieces.
We have another Kalex unit in the living room which we have a lamp on and again we use the storage boxes to keep random bits inside so it's nice and tidy.

I think you can make a small space really feel like a home by just adding a few things and you don't have to spend loads of money. Fairy lights make a room look really cosy and you can pick some up for a couple of quid. I prefer having a lamp on in the living room rather than a big lamp and again this creates a more cosy atmosphere, I also like to light a candle on the evening. Make your home personal, add photos or have your favourite books on your coffee table. You don't have to paint walls or have huge picture walls to make your flat feel like a home. We have pictures of us all over the flat from holidays or special occasions and I like to have fresh flowers in the living room, we also have a few cactus plants and succulents around the flat too. All our friends and family say our flat is cosy and feels like a home and I love this, I feel so comfortable in the flat and feel like we've really made it our own home.

* In collaboration with Bed Guru

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