A FRAME- I like these Ribba ones from Ikea
some card
scrabble letters (i got mine from the works)
confetti or sequins and little decorations  
Glue, I used super glue

1. Get a piece of white card and cut to size, you want this to fit in your frame and this will make your background. The ribba frame from Ikea has one of those card things in so I just used this.

2. Play around with your decorations and card etc and come up with a design that you like. I love the scrabble tiles and think they look really good. You can personalise your frame to say anything. Mine says Jack which is my friends baby and I've made this to hang in his nursery. You could write Mr and Mrs for a recently married couple or you can write someones pets name. You really can personalise this so many different ways. I got my white wooden J off ebay for £1!! Your local craft shop should have lots of cool decorations and inspiration.

3. Once you have decided what your going to do you need to stick it all down. Be carefull if using super glue as I did manage to stick my fingers together. I would recommend using PVA however for heavier items you may need something stronger.

4. Pop it all back into the frame and check it all looks okay!

5. Wrap it up carefully and pop a bow on the top ready to gift to your friend!!

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