It's Christmassss! So over the next few weeks I will be featuring lots of Christmas gift ideas on my blog. I love buying presents for others especially at Christmas as I get so many different gift ideas. This is a gift guide for him with lots of techy / gadget gift ideas. My dad is such a gadgety person so I really enjoy checking out the latest tech gifts.

You can get some really cool gadgety gifts right now, most department stores tend to have a decent selection and with stores like Red5 and Mankind popping up before Christmas its so easy to go and find some really awesome gifts.

I love this little LP player, i've seen these in lots of places recently. You can find them online or i've spotted them in stores like HMV and Tiger. It's a nice gift to get someone who already has lots of Vinyls or someone who would like to start a collection.

I think an Amazon fire stick or Chromecast is a good practical gift. They are about £30 so not really expensive and it means you can easily watch shows on your tv and you can watch Netflix. I got my dad a Chromecast last year, he's since bought himself a Firestick and he uses it all the time.

I like to pick up little stocking fillers like this Star Wars Keyring, its a lovely little extra gift for someone who likes Star Wars. They do lots of little Characters, so your sure to find something for everyone.

This Electric bike from Fenetic Wellbeing is a stowaway folding electric bike so it's easy to fold up and store in the back of your car or you can easily stow it away at work, if you cycle to work. I think this would make a really cool gift idea because it's just so unique. You can ride as a standard bike or receive help from the electric motor. It's perfect for someone who wants to cycle to work as part of a healthy lifestyle but they worry they wont be able to peddle the whole way or might need a little help. And as the bike is electric it's much more economical that driving a car or getting the bus to work.  I think this would be a great gift for someone who already rides a bike and is thinking of upgrading or someone who really wants to start riding a bike but just needs some confidence.

This Smartphone projector is really cool. it uses a phone to project a film or your favourite series onto a wall. You make it yourself so you can enjoy putting this together.

I think these little tins are so cute, this one contains a multi-tool keyring and is another little stocking filler idea.

How cool is this! ITS A MAGIC WAND REMOTE CONTROL. Sorry the Harry Potter fan in me got  a little bit excited!! But I think this is brilliant! I spotted it on it's a tv remote that looks like a magic wand!

I thought i'd include a Fitbit because I think this would be a great gift idea for someone who's trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. I have a cheap fitness tracker and I love tracking my steps and how far i've walked each day. With a Fitbit you can also track your sleep patterns and you can compete with your friends to see who gets the most steps. This would be a fab gift for someone who's competitive.

I really enjoyed putting this gift guide together, what do you think of these gadget gift ideas? 

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