1. Buy some new Christmas decorations! I think shopping for new baubles and Christmas decorations can make you feel really festive. I love going down the Christmas aisles in the supermarket gets me in the Christmas mood.

2. Wrap some presents! If your like me and haven't actually bought any presents yet you might struggle. I wrapped up some of Clints presents for his family. I love wrapping presents!

3. Write your Christmas Cards! You can easily spend an evening on the sofa in front of a Christmas film with a hot chocolate and write your Christmas cards. I saved our Christmas cards from last year so I know who to write cards for.

4. Get your Christmas bedding out! Putting your Christmas bedding on can make you feel Christmassy. Pop some fairy lights around your bed for even more festivity.

5. Decorate a gingerbread house. I really enjoyed decorating a gingerbread house last year. There's so many Christmas recipes and baking ideas to do over the festive season. The gingerbread houses are a great idea if you have small kids to entertain as it doesn't require any baking.

6. Put your tree and decorations up! I know it's still November but the easiest way to get into the spirit of Christmas is by putting your tree up. I love decorating the tree with a cheesy film on in the background.

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