Did you know that today is National Stress Awareness Day? I though i'd share some tips and tricks on how I de-stress! I stress about alot of things and worry about things that I shouldn't really worry about so I find these methods help me to chill and relax.

1. Reading, I like to get all cosy and snug in bed and read a good book. I also have this mindfulness journal which I picked up in The Works which I sometimes read and complete a few activities. This helps to calm me and distract my mind.

2. Get a colouring book! You can pick up a colouring book from anywhere, your local supermarket or pound shop. These are really relaxing and just take your mind off reality. I use mine all the time. It's nice to just listen to some music and colour in for a little while, even if it's just 10 minutes whilst you make your breakfast.

3. Watch a film or series: I love getting into my pj's and watching a good film or series, I love Netflix because it has so much to choose from. We've been watching American Horror Story which is soo good! If you haven't watched it yet you can check out this article which breaks it all down for you , A guide to American Horror Story. I'd really recommend it! I really want to start a new series, I think we're gonna watch Black Mirror next.  We also go out to the cinema alot because we both love to watch films! If you check out My Voucher Codes they always have offers and vouchers to visit the cinema for less!

4. Yoga, i've started yoga from home recently. After being diagnosed with Anxiety I decided to start Yoga as a way of chilling out and letting of some steam. I find Yoga really relaxing, I picked up this book which I find useful to find out about different poses and then I follow youtube videos. I like to pop my yoga mat by the balcony doors so it's really light and bright. 

5. Bath time! One of my favorite ways to relax and chill is by having a bath. I light some candles and get a Lush Bath bomb and relax. I'll soak in the bath for ages and sometimes I pop a face mask on and take a cup of tea in with me to unwind and think about nothing.

What do you do to relax and de-stress? If you are having trouble getting to sleep then check out my post about de-stressing before bed here 

If your struggling with stress and need help then check out the charity Mind, here's some information about Stress Awareness Day 2016 

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